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My name is Jo Le’Febour – The Wellness Catalyst, I am a sugar detox specialist and an empowerment mentor for health and lifestyle.
I am just a regular mum who is passionate about helping others to feel happier and healthier. My core mission is to share the TRUTH ABOUT SUGAR so people can be empowered to make informed choices and ultimately protect themselves, and the people that they love, from future disease.


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Today we have an obesity epidemic; there is so much disease and ill health. We eat chemicals, preservatives and additives which has disastrous consequences on our well being. The food industry is guilty of misleading you, harming your health, your figure and your quality of life. Sugar is hidden in so many foods (80% of the foods on the supermarket shelves) and it is one of the trickiest substances to abstain from as it is so addictive. That is why the food industry add it to their products so that you will buy their product again and again.

Sugar is linked to nearly every major health problem that there is plus it contributes to you ageing faster and pilling on those unwanted pounds. It is linked to type 2 diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, heart disease, high blood pressure and inflammation just to name a few plus depression and low energy levels.

The Good News …

The good news is that once you reduce or cut sugar out of your daily routine your health dramatically improves, your waistline will reduce and your energy levels will soar. I promise it is worth the effort and it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your food.

With an open mind, many of my clients have been inspired to shift their focus onto nourishing themselves with good food. Their body has seen the rewards with weight loss, shinier hair, stronger nails, better skin and natural energy plus improved sleep and numerous health improvements.


Discover how you can eat and laugh, move and love it. Refresh your life and make changes with care and support from me. Really tasty foods make people happy. Enjoying delicious desserts might be your first goal! If you would like to share my know-how as your catalyst for change, then please contact me – Jo Le’Febour – The Wellness Catalyst.

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Who am I?

I am Jo, a proud single mum to two fabulous children; a certified health coach and a woman who has transformed my own health and how I value my own body. I was seriously addicted to sugar and my lifestyle was far from healthy. I really do understand what it is like to not like your reflection in the mirror.

My own transformation journey and passion for protecting people from future disease led me to running Truth About Sugar workshops which were noticed by the Cabinet Office. Consequently they invited me to help with their research about sugar – the impact of sugar on weight, mood, energy, sleep and disease.

(If you wish you can read my own transformational story by clicking on the link below.)

Jo Le'Febour - The Wellness Catalyst Read more about my personal transformation journey here.

Loving what you see in the mirror and your overall wellness starts with self care, nourishing yourself with good food and healthy lifestyle choices.
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