The Past

My childhood was blessed with two amazing parents who provided me with a loving stable home. I dreamed that my marriage would be similar as I so wanted to provide my two gorgeous children with a similar start in their life.

However, the reality was that my marriage was the polar opposite. It was unpredictable, abusive and unhappy.

I stuck with it for far too long as I felt trapped, scared and isolated. Life was chaotic, stressful and painful.





The Catalayst

My catalyst for change was when I sadly lost my precious dad.  A tragic loss makes you take stock of  your life and makes you realise that a drastic change has to take place. We only have one life and I realised that I was not living mine.

I had to break away and to start rebuilding my life. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say it was NOT easy! It was a very challenging time.

After the divorce I remember looking into the mirror and hating what I saw. I had ballooned in weight as I had developed into an emotional eater as a way to cope. I felt frumpy, fat and a shadow of my former self.

My self image was so poor and my confidence was at rock bottom. I felt lost, was grieving due to the loss of my dad and  for the loss of what I dreamed would have been my forever marriage.

I wasn’t sure who I was or what I wanted but I just knew that a huge change had to happen.


The Present

My first focus was to improve my personal appearance. I focused on rebuilding my health, losing the weight and rebuilding my confidence.

I became passionate about holistic health. I did lose the weight, felt happier plus started to regain my confidence in myself. This led me to study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I became a certified health coach as I wanted to help others feel the benefit of good nutrition like I had done.

My mission is to help women to love what they saw in the mirror plus to protect them from disease and ill health.

I recognised that many of my clients struggled to create the changes that they wanted to make. They would often sabotage their success and get frustrated. It soon became clear that engaging the mindset was the key to creating the change that they desired.

So, I added to my certified health coaching qualification and gained a diploma in hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT (emotional freedom technique)

I now know that I have so many tools to help my clients to reach their goals. The self image that we hold of ourselves determines all of our actions, behaviours, thoughts and therefore our results.

Today, I am proud to say that I am helping women, especially midlife women,to rebuild their life, find freedom by helping them to become the boss of their own life.

I love being the boss of my own life. I can show you how too. x




About Jo

Have you ever had a moment in your life which really felt like a catalyst? An overwhelming awareness that something needs to change, that something is wrong, and that something could be so much better?

Without going into detail I have had a challenging life in the past with toxic relationships, debt, loss and feeling of not being worthy. I felt totally stuck and couldn’t see a way out. Have you ever felt like that?

Today, I work with individuals and professionals who are ready to sustain positive life changes through powerful conversations that change deep rooted paradigms. 

I love being the boss of my own life. I can show you how too.

(The photo to the right shows my own personal transformation from feeling frumpy in my late 30’s to feeling free and happy in my early 50’s. If you want to learn more about my story click on the drop down links above.)

It took me quite a few years as I adjusted to life as a single mum. I went through a period of feeling resentment and anger to my ex plus I felt lost in which direction I wanted to move my life. I was unhappy with my 20 year job as a primary teacher as that made me feel trapped, stuck and stressed. I resented the hours that I put in each night to plan, mark and evaluate other children’s progress especially I was now a single mum. My children were my main focus. 

I dreamed of being free but couldn’t see a way that I could escape the ‘safe job’ as I needed the money and the stability of the teacher’s wage. But I found that life as a teacher was stressful, exhausting and relentless. 

I became passionate about self development and sharing with others how I was healing, growing and rebuilding. I realised that I had a whole new path ahead of me which I could create the way that I wanted. 

That is when everything slipped into place. The happy clients, the growth, the experiences that I could gift to my precious children and the sense of pride I now feel by making a difference in this world. For me it was a side way step and I took the plunge to follow my passions into the coaching world helping people to feel healthier, empowered and resilient. 


I imagine that you dream of achieving freedom to do what you love, freedom to live life how you choose, and freedom to feel powerful, confident and in charge of your own life.

If you have then you are in the right place!

If so, you are in the right place!



But what about YOU?

Do you have dreams that you would love to do?

Maybe a new business, a new relationship, or maybe a dream home that you would love to own. 

You are capable of achieving everything that you can imagine (and more.) 

You have programmed into the deep recesses of your mind a perception of what you are, who you are and what you think you can achieve. This is referred to as your self image. It literally is controlling everything that comes into your life and how well you do. 

Your results are a reflection of who you think you are. Your self image is controlling everything, your finances, your performance in your business, the relationships that you build, your outer appearance – EVERYTHING!

When I learnt that I knew that I had to change my self image. I didn’t like my results at the time and I realised I would only get more of the same if I didn’t do the inner work. 

You have a passion to help others, have a great business idea, talent and knowledge but you doubt yourself and so keep your gift close to your chest meaning that your potential clients are deprived of your services.

I am super proud of my two gorgeous children. Instead of calling myself a single mum, I would rather say that I am a FREE woman who has the pleasure of raising these two fabulous humans each and everyday.

We are a united team and have a very calm, happy home. 

I remember feeling daunted at the thought of bringing them up on my own with zero financial help from their dad. But, now I would say it has been my biggest achievement 


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