Love Yourself Well

Would you feel excited if in 21 days you felt revitalised, energised and looking fabulous.
Waking up feeling ready for the day ahead and excited to slip on your clothes as they fit perfectly. You no longer need to waste time trying on lots of outfits and feeling frustrated that they don't fit. Your clothes fit perfectly.

Now imagine looking into your mirror and liking what you see looking back at you?
I mean really liking what you see, instead of harsh judgements about yourself you notice that your skin is looking radiant, your hair is looking healthier and your nails are stronger.
You are no longer comparing yourself to others but instead recognising your beauty and your strengths.

You feel your best because you have nourished yourself from the inside out with positivity, health and love.

All of the above is possible and it does not mean you need to undergo any drastic surgery, nips, tucks or chemical injections.

Your natural beauty can shine through if you nourish yourself.

By nourishing yourself I mean, thinking positively, eating healthily and being kinder to yourself.

Millions of pounds are spent daily on beauty creams, plastic surgery and spa treatments as people are seeking to enhance their looks and slow down the ageing process however the best beauty treatment that you could treat yourself to is the gift of health.

Look after the inside of your body and your body will reward you so that you looking the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of YOU!

Are you feeling stressed, overworked and time short?

Most women do as we are juggling so many plates in the air, being a mother, a partner, a business owner or an employee plus looking after our homes. We tend to be so busy pleasing others that we fall to the bottom of the queue.

Are you rushing about and rarely scheduling quality time in the day for yourself?
Do you notice that you tend to be reflecting on the past or planning for the future and very rarely living in the present moment?
Do you often put your plans on hold to please others?
Are you struggling to lose weight and shift tummy fat?
Do you feel like a slave to sugar and experience intense sugar cravings that you just can not ignore?
Are you confused about what to eat because of all of the contradictory advice in the media?
Do you tend to feel exhausted but then struggle to sleep at bedtime?
Is your health starting to suffer?

If you answered YES to the above questions then it is time to do something about it.

I completely understand as I used to feel all of those things.

I am living proof that change is possible.

It was only a few short years ago that I was a serious emotional eater and absolutely hated my reflection in the mirror. I ate junk food and sugar (lots of it) to mask the pain and despair that I felt for being in a violent, loveless marriage.

At that time I gave no thought to the impact my 'diet' was having on my health or wellbeing and mindlessly would gorge on everything in sight. I struggled with my weight, my energy and my self-worth. I felt so unhappy, frumpy and unattractive. I threw myself into being the best mum I could be, put my own needs and desires to the bottom of the queue and coped the best I could in a destructive marriage.

My catalyst for change was when sadly my dad suddenly died and I realised that life could be taken away from us at anytime. I was heartbroken as my dad meant the world to me. Losing someone close to you often makes you reflect on your own life, I realised that life was not a dress rehearsal and that it was meant for living. I certainly wasn't living mine!

I had to make changes for my beautiful children but more importantly for myself.

So I took back control of my life starting with divorcing the controlling husband and set on a quest to nourish myself from the inside out.

My before photos …

Before Pic of me
Frumpy jo Before her change

My after photos ten years later …

Jo Le'Febour - The Wellness Catlayst

My transformation

I threw myself into learning about nutrition and mindset whilst enthusiastically implementing the changes into my own life. It was fun seeing my body respond quickly and feeling a whole new lease of energy and self-confidence. I lost the weight, felt and looked younger and gained control of my sugar cravings.

I became so passionate about the subject that I studied to become a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach which is why I'm certain that I can help you today.

Do you want to know how I transformed the way I looked and I felt about myself?

I have devised a three part programme to help you to break your sugar cravings so that you can feel fabulous. The steps ARE the very ones I took to lose my excess weight and to improve my overall wellbeing.

What is my 3 step formula to breaking the sugar habit so you can feel fabulous?

It is a 21 day programme all about

1. THINKING positively
2. EATING healthily
3. LOVING yourself ( being kinder to yourself and your body)

The aim is to increase your consciousness about food, health and the power of the mind so you can begin the journey to the healthiest, happiest version of you.

Being more engaged in the present moment, being mindful of your thoughts and helping your body to remove and eliminate toxins. Resetting the body to factory settings so it can work at its optimum. It is not just a physical spring clean. It is a journey, an emotional journey, a spiritual journey, a renewal process.

When do we start?

We are officially starting the 30 DAY TO FABULOUS programme on Saturday 7th of May so the 21 DAY SUGAR DETOX will begin on the 14th of May.

Move into Summer feeling fabulous from the inside out.

Why cleanse?

Our bodies are amazing and have been designed to cleanse from the toxins that we absorb, digest and breathe in. This is true. However, we live in such a toxic work that our body’s natural ability to metabolise to cleanse is challenged by toxic overload. This is putting incredible stress on our major organs such as the liver, digestive, circulatory and intestinal systems.

We are also struggling with stress due to our fast paced lifestyles and reliance on digital media. Often the bombardment of information can lead us to feeling over stimulated and we can struggle to switch off and relax.

Your liver is in such demand that it often just cannot cope with the amount of toxins that we throw at it so the system becomes overburdened and we begin to feel unwell and suffer from headaches, irritability, low energy, low mood, sleepless nights and weight gain.

Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed with the stressors and demands of modern life? You could benefit from a complete REBOOT and give your body a well earned break.

The benefits of a cleanse

• Weight loss

• Candida cleanse

• Organ support – liver cleanse

• Skin Health

• Digestive Health

• Clarity

• Uncovering emotional food issues and healing them

• Ending sabotaging habits

• Curing cravings – amazing when you add in the great stuff that people’s cravings will start to reduce.

What does the 21 day programme include?

Mindful Eating and Think Positively Workbook

A 30 page workbook for you to fill in which will focus on YOUR personal goals, beliefs and mindset. This is what distinguishes my programme from the rest of the cleanses and detox out there. I know full well from own personal experience that engaging your mindset is the crucial step for creating a lifestyle change. If you want real change and long lasting results then it is vital that we work on your mindset initially.

The workbook is fully interactive and will really help to engage you in the whole process. So often we are not present in our daily life and not mindful of our own habits. This crucial step will really help you to become a mindful eater and support you in putting an action plan together so you can focus on what will really make you happier and healthier.

In addition you will receive videos to guide you to become more mindful and attain the right mindset before embarking on the food cleanse.

The Sugar Detox

A 40 page detox guide and recipe book which includes 7 breakfast recipes - 7 lunch recipes - 7 dinner recipes plus 7 snack ideas.
All of the recipes are free from refined sugar, gluten free and diary free.

My main aim is to encourage you to cook from scratch at home with clean, healthy produce which will boost your health, your vitality and make you feel fabulous.
All of the recipes are very easy to follow.

My programme is all about replacing the CRAP from your diet ( C= coffee, R = refined sugars, A = alcohol, P = processed foods) and instead nourishing yourself with wholesome, homecooked foods so that your body will feel nourished and cared for.

I will teach you the Truth About Sugar and how it is having a detrimental affect on your health and your looks. By following my programme you will be amazed at how easy it is to create wholesome foods which taste delicious. You will be experiencing new taste sensations so do not need to feel worried about feeling deprived.

I will let you into a secret, I used to be a terrible cook and had no confidence in the kitchen. I am no chef but I now love creating tasty food with simple ingredients which ooze with flavour and goodness. Who would of thought just a few years down the line I would be creating a recipe book for you. I hope that motivates as if I can do it then I know you can too.

I now find cooking fun, easy and an outlet for my creativity.

You will receive daily tips and motivation in a secret Facebook group

This will help to motivate you to keep going on the programme and will add further in depth knowledge about healthy eating and lifestyle.
They will be short and not take too much of your time but will add great value to the programme.

A daily tracker sheet to keep you on track

In addition to your workbook and recipe book you will receive a 21 page tracker. This is to help you to plan and keep track of what you eat plus your thoughts and goals.
Organisation is key on a detox and so this will be a great tool to help you to achieve the best out of the programme.

My aim throughout this whole process is for you to become more mindful of your thoughts, actions, habits and goals. Each day I will be encouraging you to self reflect, to keep a journal of your highs and lows, to become more aware of your goals and your desires. To recognise patterns of behaviour which sabotage your progress.

This tracker is essential part of the programme as we will be basing our evaluation and follow up meeting on what you observe throughout the journey.

A private Facebook supportive group

The Facebook group is where you can share your highs and lows during the duration of your programme.

I encourage you to participate as much as possible, share your photos of what you have eaten, your struggles and your achievements. This is a place where you will find me supporting you, answering your questions and motivating you to stick with the programme.

The Facebook community is such a supportive place as everyone else is also in the same boat as you. No one is judging you or competing with you. It is a safe community where friendships are built.

A private 30 minute consultation with me

In the third week of the programme you will receive a private one to one session with me. We will evaluate your journey and celebrate your successes.
This is where we will put individualized action steps in place so that you can finish the programme with new habits that will create lasting changes.

The goal is that your create lifestyle changes that become second nature.

Jo Le'Febour - The Wellness Catalyst

How much is it?

What price can you put on your health?

* In 21 days you will have learnt so much about yourself, you will have clarity and a clear vision of where you are going in life.

* You will have cleansed your body of toxins and be feeling lighter, brighter and have more energy.

* You will be kinder to yourself and will be noticing that your skin, hair and nails are all looking healthier.

* You will have lost inches and feeling that you are more in control of your sugar cravings.

* You will be more knowledgeable about nutrition and be confident to create quick tasty meals to nourish you and your family.

* You will have developed habits over the 21 days which will become second nature to you.

* You will have felt supported all the way through the process by me and by the other participants in the Facebook community.

By Spring you will have a spring in your step and feeling a happier , healthier version of you. Not only will you be protecting yourself from future disease but you will be slowing down the ageing process. Being sugar savvy and eating healthier is the best beauty treatment you could ever buy for yourself.

This is easily worth £497, or higher, as as I know that this programme is a life changer BUT as an introductory offer I am offering the whole programme for only £97.

Remember for that you are getting 3 weeks support from a certified health coach which includes your own private transformational coaching session with me.

So here is the recap of what you will receive throughout your programme

THINK positively

Firstly we will concentrate on building the right mindset for your cleanse. You will receive a 30 day MINDSET workbook to guide you through this initial stage of being mindful and engaging with yourself. It is also a detoxification from the digital negativity that we are bombarded with daily, in the news, the media and social media channels.
This part of the programme will last for 7 days. These 7 days are also the preparation stage for the cleanse where you will be guided through the shopping list and supported to get organised prior to the Sugar Detox.

EAT healthily

Reboot your body by cutting out the CRAP

C= Coffee
R = Refined Sugar
A = Alcohol and artificial ingredients
P = Processed Food

Plus other foods which cause inflammation such as dairy and wheat/gluten. This may sound extreme but I assure you that you will probably find it easier than you think. The majority of people who have already gone through the cleanse say that they find it surprisingly easy as they do not feel deprived.

This is because we will be adding in good, clean, home cooked foods. You will learn how easy and cost effective it can be to create tasty healthy foods. All of the recipes are very simple, quick and delicious and I promise that YOU will not feel deprived.

In addition we will be adding in ...

* fresh water - to flush out the toxins

* healthy routines - to kick start your healthy lifestyle

* self care - you are important and need to create time to care for yourself

* accountability - tons of support via the daily emails and private facebook group

* motivation - everyone in the group will be working together to support each other

* sleep - essential part of a detox is to allow yourself quality sleep so that your body can repair and replenish

LOVE yourself

By this stage you will have experimented with upteen new foods, tried new healthy routines such as saying positive affirmations and many self care procedures. You will be feeling great as you will eliminated many inflammatory foods and will have experienced a cleanse.

So now what?

The final two days are about reviewing your progress, practising what you have learnt so the healthy habits become second nature to you. Your body and YOU deserve to be loved.
You will have a 30 minute private consultation with me to celebrate your progress, we will work together to set your short term and long term health goals.

How do I join?

You can join by clicking on the sign up buttons.
You will be directed to PayPal
Once you have paid, you will be redirected to a form where you will enter your name and email.

You will then receive my welcome email.

The programme starts on the 14th of May and we will all be starting together as a group.
In the meantime, I will be providing you with a food diary so you can keep a track of what foods you are consuming as part of your daily routine.

Be part of our Wellness Seekers community

The Wellness Seekers are small group of friendly, like minded people who are all eager to lead healthier lives free from symptoms of ill health.
Join us and find out the truth about what you are eating, learn new tips and experience the gentle detox with real, nutritious foods.

Kirsty Woodhouse

I feel more energized since taking the detox and I am proud of myself for trying new foods. I would recommend the detox to others as it wasn't difficult to do. The detox has enabled me to kick start my healthy journey. Jo's detox is great value for money as she gives so much support.

Chris Wood

I was extremely happy with the detox, the info and help was great as any questions were answered promptly by Jo. The detox was easy to follow as the instructions and recipes were fab. I feel more energised, lighter and I have more clarity. I tried lots of new foods and enjoyed the banter in the active Facebook group.

Rachel Ingram

I have really enjoyed the detox and the way it has made me feel. My whole family have been making healthier choices which has made me feel wonderful. I have tried foods that I didn't even know existed! Thank you Jo x

Donna Fort

The support I got forced me into starting using what I already knew but was ignoring. The Facebook group was really supportive with fast response from Jo and the other members. The detox was excellent value for money and I would highly recommend it to others.

Lindsey West

I am delighted to have begun my journey with Jo, changing my lifestyle and beginning to eat much healthier. After the first detox week I felt more alive, more alert and my skin looked 10 years younger! I can't thank Jo enough for her support.

Paul Aisthorpe

Jo was recommended to me by a mutual contact and attended her "Truth About Sugar" Workshop. What impressed me most about her was her determination and drive to make significant changes in her life and to help others. It is truly inspiring. Once you make the commitment to try her "detox" programme, you will not be disappointed. Jo has the ability to support you through the programme in a way which keeps you focused & interested. Jo also provides you with the confidence to make changes to the way you eat which really empowers you to continue. The results for me are amazing. Loads more energy, a much fuller, nutritious and very tasty meal-time options and naturally a healthier body. Thank you Jo

Lee McGreggor

I first met Jo when I attended her Truth about Sugar workshop. I found Jo to be very personable as well as very knowledgeable and for that reason I was keen to follow the workshop with Jo's detox plan. I was impressed by Jo's willingness to adapt the diet plan to suit my needs rather than churn out the same plan used on previous clients. I thought a detox plan would be difficult to stick to but with Jo's daily e-mails and facebook group as well as personal follow up calls the plan was not only easy but much more enjoyable than expected. The plan was just what I needed to kick start a healthy eating plan that I had been putting off for so long and I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone wanting to make positive long term healthy changes to their diet and lifestyle to contact Jo.

Kiren Gill

Thank you so much Jo, I have really benefitted from your 7 day sugar detox. It has really shifted my eating habits. I am feeling great!. It wasn't as difficult as I thought. Planning and shopping for what you are going to need eat before hand is crucial. Also thank you for all of the support during the detox.
It has put me back into taking care of myself again. I seem to automatically opt for the fresher foods. I can taste all of the flavours, my taste buds have come alive! My skin looks better and my tummy seems flatter. I would highly recommend your detox to everybody, the benefits of from doing the detox is more energy, feeling and looking great. I have become a conscious eater thanks to Jo's 7 day sugar detox!

One thought on “Love Yourself Well

  • 18th September 2015 at 9:33 pm

    I cannot thank Jo enough for showing me where I have been going wrong! I have learnt about the importance of getting to bed earlier, as this has a direct influence on weight loss! I have also found out about some delicious new food sources, about which I knew nothing. I am looking forward to continuing to use Jo’s excellent advice to further my health (mentally and physically).
    Thank you, Jo, for your support and guidance – and your delicious recipes and ideas 😀


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