Jo’s  Top services


Private Coaching

We are all individuals and a private coaching will always emphasise a tailored approach to you. Designed to give you what you need, private one to one sessions are catered to give you the knowledge and “how to” to meet any challenge you’ve set yourself. If you have dreams of realising your true potential and living a life your truly love – then I am here to personally support you and mentor you. 95% of what is holding you back is your subconscious mind. When you receive the support to transform these beliefs, the sky is the limit for you. 



For Clients who LOVE fast results and want to go further and faster than they thought possible. I take you out of your daily norm and immerse you in a special day which focuses you on the power of releasing, rewiring your mind so you can unleash your potential for creativity, fresh perspectives, new ideas, mindset shifts, confidence and clarity all whilst enjoying exclusivity of the VIP treatment. Includes a 21 day program and follow up session. 


Transformational Retreats

Are you looking for a lot more from your life? A total change from the inside out? The Love What You See In The Mirror retreat is designed specifically to help you shift deep-set habits and take a leap towards being the person you always knew yourself to be. The programme rebalances the body and mind, freeing you of old limiting thoughts or habits, bringing you the clarity and perspective to transform your life and to unleash your true potential.


Let’s Start Something new
Say Hello to the new you

Perhaps you’re right in the middle of some major life challenges or changes right now – or you have already overcome some big things in your life – either way, you know what it feels like to triumph over your past and you know you can do it again… deep down you know it’s possible for you to have more, be more, do more.

It’s time to face the truth. The truth is, old fears and beliefs are holding you back from fulfilling your true potential.