Sugar Detective in Schools

My passion is to educate children to become sugar detectives so they can be aware of how much sugar they are eating. My objective is that they will ultimately choose to eat and drink less sugar. I used to be a primary school teacher for over 20 years so love to go back in schools and teach about a subject that I am passionate about.

My ultimate goal is to protect people from future disease and to reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs. The earlier that children start to look after their health the better.

The benefits of educating children about nutrition are too valuable to pass up. From students making healthier choices to improved academic performance, nutritional education can benefit the whole school and also the wider community. The children go home and pass on their information to their family which can influence positive change in the home environment.

During my sessions incorrect beliefs about food can be corrected and the children can become more empowered to make wiser choices. There is so much misinformation and confusion about nutrition and so I aim to dispel the myths.

The main message is that food is not neutral, it either impacts the body in a positive way or in a negative way depending on what you choose to feed your body with.

I have developed a 3 part system where the children start as SUGAR DETECTIVES, then develop into SUGAR FORENSICS and then move through the ranks to be SUGAR SHERIFF’S.

Part One – Become a Sugar Detective

Become a Sugar Detective with The Sugar Woman

Objective – Detect how much sugar is hidden in food.

The first session is to help the children to see how much sugar they are exposed to on a daily basis.

By investigating various food items the children develop their detective skills. The aim is to discover the hidden sugar in the foods. They look at the marketing messages, the food labels and the packaging to explore how much sugar is in each item.

The children physically measure out how much sugar is in each food item and then rate them into a traffic light system.

By measuring and counting out the teaspoons of sugar it really helps them to understand how much sugar is really contained in the food that they eat.

Part Two – Become a Sugar Forensic

Learn how sugar affects your body

Objective  – Learn how sugar effects the body

The children learn how sugar really affects the body. We explore the following questions:-

  • Why do human beings crave sugar?
  • Are there advantages to eating sugar?
  • What happens to body chemistry after sugar is consumed?
  • Why does the effect of sugar on body chemistry make us desire more sugar?
  • What happens, over time, if a person eats too much sugar too frequently?
  • What does the body do with sugar?

After some fun experiments the children qualify as SUGAR FORENSICS

Part Three – The children progress to be a Sugar Sheriff

I am a sugar sheriff

Objective – To become sugar savvy and to explore healthier, tasty alternatives.

By the time the children have progressed to the Sugar Sheriff stage they are aware of how much sugar is hidden in the food, they are aware of how the sugar effects their body and will be empowered to make wiser choices.

At this stage we will look at  healthier alternatives and plan healthy breakfast, healthy lunch ideas and snacks.

The children will receive a recipe guide which they can share with their loved ones at home.

Certificates and Sugar Sheriff badges are given to each child at this stage.

Parent workshops

Objective – To have a wider impact on the child’s life by influencing positive change at home.

The impact of the sugar lessons will be compounded if we can involve the parents in the nutrition education.  Involving the parents can really create a change in the way that the children are nourished.

 1.) Healthy Breakfast Workshops for Parents and Children

Switch on with a healthy breakfast

Objective – For each child to start the day with a healthy breakfast

By starting the day with a healthy breakfast a child will be more alert, more focused and able to concentrate throughout the school morning. Children’s behaviour will improve and they will have more energy if they start their day in the right way.

The children will have an opportunity to share with their parents how they can also become sugar detectives.  By teaching their parents the knowledge will be passed on and have a greater impact.  The families can then explore some healthy, tasty recipes together . The workshop will get the parents and the children to be ‘on the same page’ when it comes to choosing what to eat first thing in the morning.

Breakfast recipes and ideas will be provided for each family to take home.


2.) Healthy Pack Lunch Workshops for Parents and Children

Let's Pack Smart Lunches

Objective – For each child to have a balanced healthy pack lunch

I understand that mornings are a difficult time for parents and that packing a healthy lunch can be a challenge in many households. I am a single mum myself and understand all to well the morning challenges that many parents face. Fussy kids and uneaten lunches can drive anyone to distraction.

However, with a few tweaks and suggestions we can transform the pack lunch into a healthier meal which the children will enjoy and provide them with the vital nutrients that they need. Children need to continue their day at school with the brains in gear so let’s pack them a smart lunch.

It doesn’t have to take loads of time either and doesn’t have to cost lots of money.

Lunch recipes and suggestions will be provided for each family who participate.

Please connect with me if you are interested in inviting me into your school.